Jamison Herefords & Quarter Horses 6th Annual Quarter Horse Sale


Thursday, October 1, Jamison Herefords & Quarter Horses held their 6th annual Quarter Horse Sale at the ranch in Quinter, Kansas. The 110 horses offered consisted of 50 geldings (from started to finished, 3 to 15 years old), 19 saddle mares (many broodmare quality prospects), 1 performance stallion prospect (a well started 2 year old), and 40 2009 foals (fancy stud, filly, and gelding prospects).

The performance stallion prospect, JA Tuckerwood Frost, was the high seller. By PC Frost Em Peppy, a son of Sun Frost, out of JA Lady Tuckerwood, the 2007 bay roan brought $10,000. Besides being good looking and athletic, he is intensely linebred, going back to Driftwood 10 times.

Since 2 horses tied for 3rd highest seller and 4th highest seller, I’m going to report the average for the top 6 high selling horses. These horses brought an average price of $8,917.

Of the 110 listed, 106 sold for an average price of $2,737. The sale percentage was 96%, proving that although the horse market has taken a beating during the recession, it is far from being dead.

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Maynard Alves Quarter Horses Complete Dispersal Horse Sale


On Saturday, September 26, a 40 year old tradition came to an end. Maynard Alves Quarter Horses of Redmond, Oregon held a complete dispersal sale. Having established a herd of horses that represent what a Quarter Horse should be, the Alves Ranch has been among the top 50 ranches in AQHA  in the number of horses registered. Some of the best bloodlines in Quarter Horses were offered in this sale.

The high selling horse in the sale was no exception. Starlight N Freckles, a 1998 sorrel stallion, brought the top price of $11,500. A son of Grays Starlight out of a granddaughter of Jewels Leo Bars, he earned 0.5 AQHA points in cutting and NCHA earnings of $2,467.31, besides being the sire of 107 foals with 3 performers.

Three hundred and forty-seven horses sold, with the average price of $836. The top 5 sellers averaged $7,340. With the Alves’ retiring, this sale represents the end of an era.

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12th Annual Central Nebraska Ranch & Production Horse Sale


Thirteen ranches and their guest consignors held their 12th Annual Central Nebraska Ranch & Production Horse Sale on September 20th at the Custer County Fair Grounds in Broken Bow, Nebraska. Offering 101 horses, both Quarter Horses and Paints, the ranches provided a wide range, from working and performance horses to broodmares and weanlings.

The working and performance horses brought the highest prices. The highest seller, a 2003 grade buckskin gelding, brought $4,950. A been-there, done-that horse, he had been headed and heeled on, hauled to jackpots, and ridden by the grandkids.

With only 3 outs, 98 horses were sold for a sale average of 97%. The average sale price was $1,114, with the top 5 sellers averaging $4,160. Well broke horses are always in demand as many of these ranch sales have proven.

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Heritage Place Quarter Horse Yearling Sale

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Heritage Place, located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, held their yearling Quarter Horse sale the weekend of September 17, 18, & 19. The 3-day event offered 934 speed-bred yearlings to race horse buyers and barrel racers.

High selling horse of the sale, Half Pipe, brought $325,000. A son of World Champion First Down Dash SI 105, the 2008 grey colt is out of Runaway Wave SI 105, Broodmare of the Year in 2005.

The top 5 sellers brought a total of $880,000, for an average of $176,000.

Out of 934 horses listed, there were 58 outs. A total of 735 horses sold and there were 139 repurchases. (The right to bid is reserved by all consignors.) There were 2 horses that received no bids. The average for the sale was $11,162, down from $12,370 in 2008.

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1st Annual Bob Jordan Memorial Sale

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Saturday, September 19, saw the first “Bob Jordan Memorial Sale” held at the Central States Fairgrounds in Rapid City, South Dakota. Versatility Quarter Horse Breeders, Inc., consisting of Bob Jordan’s daughter Carol (Jordan Performance Horses), Mike and Tasha Welling (Welling Quarter Horses), and Jerry Simon & Linda Neumiller (Moreau River Quarter Horses) organized this inaugural sale featuring horses with “All Bob Jordan Genetics”. Bob Jordan had stood Frosty Feature AA for years. Frosty Feature had a AA speed rating and an ROM (Register of Merit) on the track and was also a Superior Halter horse. He was raced in halter condition, going Grand Champion Halter one day and winning his race the next. The horses selling featured his bloodline, along with other such as Jet Threat, Dash For Cash, Tonto Bars Hank, Stage Bird Roanie, Rukin String, and others.

The high selling horse was an own son of Frosty Feature, Frosty Boy King. A 1999 grey stallion, he sold for $7500. Following in his father’s footsteps, his offspring have consistently done well in halter futurities with over $5000 in earnings.

This sale held a nice mixture of youngsters, prospects, broke horses, and broodmares. With only 1 horse out of the sale, 60 horses were there to be sold. At the end of the sale, 7 horses were no-saled with the other 53 off to new homes. The average price sale price was $1149, with the top 5 sellers averaging $5900. For being an inaugural sale, it had a sales percentage of 88%. Here’s hoping that next year’s sale is bigger and better, and that there will be many more to come.

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Froelich Quarter Horses 39th Annual Production Sale


The Froelich Ranch motto of “disposition, color and conformation ranch-raised in big country” definitely applied to the group of weanlings offered at their 39th annual production sale. Held September 19th at the ranch in Selfridge, North Dakota, the weanlings were out of a colorful group of stallions (5 roans, 1 grulla, and 1 buckskin) and stout, well-bred mares. A handsome looking bunch, they showed promise of great athleticism and gentle temperaments.

Color was the factor in 3 of the top 5 selling horses. The high selling horse, a 2009 blue roan stallion by West River Blue out of Dandy Blue Delite, brought $3700, out selling the only broke horse to sell (there were 2) by $200. FQHR Bay Badlands, a 2003 gelding, was second highest at $3500, followed by 2 more blue roans and 1 black. The average price for these 5 was $2,850.

Ninety percent of the horses sold, with only 2 no-sales and 6 outs. The average price of the 74 that sold was $757.

They were a good looking bunch of youngsters that seem to have great potential.

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Fulton Performance Horse & Production Sale


Fulton Ranch, home of the AAA stallion A Streak Of Fling, held their performance horse and production sale August 29th at the Cherry County Fairgrounds in Valentine, Nebraska. Sixty-eight select horses from their breeding program and guest consignors were offered for sale. Known for arena and ranch horses, the Fulton’s Streak Of Fling offspring were eligible for 7 different futurities. The guest consignors’ horses were also chosen for performance and athletic ability, carrying such bloodlines as Peppy San Badger, Grays Starlight, Smart Little Lena, and Sun Frost. Barrel racers, ropers, rodeo cowboys, ranchers and just plain riders could all find something to suit them.

Needless to say, the high selling horse was an extraordinary mix of athletic bloodlines. A son of A Streak Of Fling, French Streaktovegas, a 2007 bay roan stallion, topped the sale at $31,000. Out of the proven barrel mare PC Frenchmans Flirt, a full sister to the famous Frenchmans Guy, this classy stallion prospect had the talent and eye appeal to go into the performance arena and then become an exceptional sire.

Usually I give the average of the top 5 selling horses, but because of the fact that 3 horses sold for the same price, I’m using the top 6. These 6 horses totaled $123,500 for an average sale price of $20,583.

With 3 horses out and 9 no-sales out of 68 listed, 56 horses were sold for an average of $8,947. The percentage of horses sold was 82%, a good sign of a successful sale and an interested market.

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