Shannon Creek Cattle Co. Quarter Horses 2nd Production Sale


Shannon Creek Cattle Co. held their 2nd production sale Sunday, October 4, in Manhattan, Kansas. The 50 Quarter Horses listed consisted of 28 foals, 6 broodmares, 1 stallion,  and 14 performance geldings and saddle mares from 3-5 years old. The horses, raised in the Flint Hills country, were the athletic, all-around Quarter Horse type that could do ranch work, perform in the arena, and just be a pleasure to ride. In addition, they offered a special attraction of 4 adorable miniature foals for sale.

SAH Peponita Kat 406, a 2004 sorrel gelding, was the high seller of the sale. Bringing $4,800, this stout gelding was a go all day, do whatever you want kind of horse with Hancock and Peponita breeding.

Out of the 54 horses, 51 were sold for a sale percentage of 94%. The average sale price was $1,295, with the top 5 sellers averaging $3,190.

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