As you probably can tell, this blog has changed a bit. Not only the name, but the style and topics will be a bit different.

I last posted in September, 2012. I stopped writing for a while to focus on other things, and because I was a bit burned out on writing. I still kept up with the auctions and will post some of the past ones, but I wanted a bit more variety in what I write about. I’ll be adding some thoughts, tips on selling your horse for the best possible price, and keeping you up on what the market is doing.

I do want to let people know that I am an appraiser, not an auctioneer. I don’t put on auctions nor can I provide you with catalogs on the various auctions I write about. I just write about the auctions, because I love auctions. Any auctions. Antiques, cattle, horse, whatever. Horse auctions, though, are my specialty, because I spend a lot of time at them.

So those of you have followed me, I hope that the new format will please. I’ll do my very best to keep you educated, informed, and possibly even amused.


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