My Horses

This is Robins Golden Daze, otherwise known as “Goldie”, my Solid Paint Bred mare. She’s a 1997 model by Robins Partee Jet (APHA) out of Sun Daze Sweetheart (QH).

Here is DC Miss Double Cue, our “Missy”. She’s a Canadian-born Quarter Horse with a taste for wood, just like a beaver. The only horse I’ve ever had that likes to knosh on shavings. She was born in 2001 and is by Paunch McCue out of the mare, Ikes McCue.






This is Cory, Missy’s 2014 filly. Her sire is Twice A Zipper (APHA/AQHA). She’s an overo and eligible for both the APHA and the AQHA, just like daddy.


Last year we added Georgie, who’s registered name is FB Curious Georgia (APHA). Her sire is Fantastic Buck (APHA) and her dam is Kuips Boston Sport (APHA).  Curious she is, spotted  she is not.






This year we picked up another filly. She was bought on a breeder’s certificate, so she doesn’t have a  registered name yet. We just call her Chex at the moment. She’s a solid palomino paint by WLZ King Fritz Olena (AQHA) out of  the mare Gold N Money (APHA).  As soon as we get her papers,  I’ll have to change this  post.

As you can see, we are awash in a sea of estrogen. Not that I mind. I’ve ridden more mares than geldings in my life. They aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I love the girls. They say , “Ask a stallion, tell a gelding, and discuss with a mare.”  Well, I’m a female too, so I guess we are on the right page (most of the time).


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